Our research is focused on intelligent devices that physically assist or monitor human motion.

SAFE Orthosis

Neuromuscular disorders such as stroke often cause walking impairments. Conventional exercise-based gait rehabilitation protocols involve multiple training sessions supervised by one or more physical therapists. This process is physically demanding for therapists and expensive for the healthcare system. Rehabilitation robots have the potential to automate these exercise protocols.


Quantitative gait analysis is a powerful tool for physicians treating patients with gait disorders.  Athletic trainers often rely on assessments of the running gait when coaching professional athletes who are recovering from an injury or want to improve their performance.


PediShoe, the first instrumented footwear specifically designed for pediatric populations, was developed with the Columbia University's ROAR Lab. The system consists of instrumented sandals, each one weighting less than 100g, which can accurately measure spatial and temporal gait parameters in toddlers and children.

Smart Crutches

Crutches enable patients to partially transfer their weight bearing to the upper extremities, thus decreasing the demand on weak or impaired legs. The improper use of these walking aids, however, can lead to secondary injuries and prolong the recovery time. 

Personal Flotation Device

Inflatable Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are common maritime safety equipment, but current models do not fully meet the needs of vessels' crews and passengers. The two main reasons for this are: discomfort to the user and premature activation in water

Cable-Driven Parallel Robots

Cable-Driven Parallel Robots (CDPR) belong to a special subclass of parallel manipulators in which the moving platform is supported in parallel by cables. Generally, each cable is reeled on an actuated pulley and has the other extremity fixed to an attachment point on the moving platform.


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